Posted by: jumps | May 25, 2009

Going home

5-21 017Dear Family and Friends,

We can hardly believe that our year in Haiti has come to an end. On May 26th (which happens to be our anniversary) we will be headed home to Kentucky. This past year we have grown together in our faith through serving God’s people here in Haiti. We have come to depend on those around us as much (if not more) as they depend on us.

Many of you may remember the floods/hurricanes we experienced in September. Through this God showed us that we are NOT in control. No matter what nationality, how much money you have, or where you live, God is in control of everything. After our house (and the Rogers’) was left in ruins, we had many people from the town come and help us clean up. They may have lost everything, or not have eaten in a couple days, but they were there to help us.

(Becca) I am a nurse. A nurse, not a doctor. As great as it is to bring health care to a small town in a third world country, I can’t help but feel that they deserve more. They deserve a doctor. They deserve a hospital. They deserve all the medicine they need. God is enough. God will provide. God did provide. In the months of running my small clinic, I learned to rely on the judgment and skills God gave me. He also gave me great advice from physicians state-side, and from the Haitian nurses who worked on the mission’s main campus in St. Louis-du-Nord. God taught me that I can’t save people, only He can, and it may not come in the form that I would chose, but God is good.

(Matt) I have had the great opportunity to learn a ton of hands-on skills. I’ve learned so much from the hundreds of short-term missionaries that passed through the mission this past year that I never would have back home. The greatest blessing for me has been to use some of the electrical skills I’ve learned to wire the new birthing center. It has to be the nicest facility of its kind in the city and it really was an honor to work on it. It’s also been an honor to work with the countless people that give so freely of their time and money to come down and help. God really put a lot of trust in His people when He left us to be His body and it’s been awesome to work with so many people that really understand that.

We are extremely blessed to both be going home to jobs. Matt will be returning to work with Messer Construction, and Becca will be working at The Kidz Club. We plan to continue to be involved with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. You can continue to follow the work of the mission by going to their website:

We also want to say thank you so much for all the support we received through prayers and financial support. We could not have done anything without your help and we thank God for all of you.

God bless,

Matt and Becca Jump



  1. Make sure you leave the rent money on the kitchen table.

  2. you two will be missed immensely!!!!

  3. Thank you for giving the Lord this last year and blessing Northwest Haiti Christian Mission with your love, talents, and gifts. We will miss you guys so much. God bless you as you begin your life here in the States.

  4. I know that you will be blessed because of the year you spent in Haiti. I also know that Curt and Danielle will really miss you guys. I know Haiti will always be in your heart and it will change the way you live and think from this point on. Happy Anniversary! Stop by and swim any time you want!


  5. I am so thankful for the opportunities I had to visit and learn to love you all during the three times I was in Haiti with you. You will ever be in my thoughts and prayers when I think of Haiti, the mission and LaBaie! What a blessing you have been to the mission and to me personally. I know we caused some “culture shock” with our blue blood, but a leopard just can’t change his spots! LOL! Love you both!

  6. I feel like you spent more time in Haiti this past year than we did! I wish we could have been around more. You’ve done amazing things there – not sure what Jose would have done without Matt’s help on so many things and certainly I’m not sure what the patients out west would have done without you. You’re both IRREPLACEABLE and will be DEARLY DEARLY missed!
    Love you all!

  7. I wouldn’t pay the rent if I were you. I hear that house has a slight water problem.

  8. your blog help me so much, thanks for sharing…

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