Posted by: jumps | May 7, 2009

Dianie (Di-ah-nie)

As Matt previously posted, we had a BUSY 2 weeks with the surgery team. Many lives were changed and saved! I wanted to share with you about one little girl, and ask you for prayers. Dianie is a 5 year old, soft spoken, little girl. When she came to the mission she had a LARGE mass on her abdomen. Her mother said people always teased her and told her she was pregnant. Last week her life was changed when she went into surgery to remove the mass. Dr. Holloway went in and removed the mass that was on her kidney…meaning she had a kidney removed also. All things were going well and her IV was taken out last Friday before the team left, and she had her first bit of food since her surgery. She began throwing up that night. The team left at 4 the next morning and she was still vomiting…with her IV back in. I tried to balance her pain meds with meds to help with the vomiting, but she was very uncomfortable, and very, very sick this weekend. Finally on Monday she threw up worms. Honestly, I’ve never been more excited to see worms…it helped explain the problem. I started treating her for worms on Monday and she didn’t vomit until that night. I thought we were on an up-swing. Then her belly started to grow and leak LOTS of fluid, and the vomiting continued. After a conversation with Dr. Holloway, it was determined to be peritoneal fluid, and maybe ascites. Tina, a pastor from Canada prayed and prayed with Dianie and her family. Last night, she did NOT throw up at all, and her stomach has gotten smaller! She is so much more full of life! She is talking to me and even getting up on her own. Please pray for Dianie! I am so thankful for the progress she has made, but she still has a ways to go! Pray for her mother too, who is sooo TIRED. She is constantly taking care of Dianie, while nursing her baby boy. I have told her that many people are praying for her little girl!



  1. Becca!!!
    Poor little Dianie and poor you. I knew she was having a set back but I had no idea how much of one.
    I have to be honest and admit that i am glad I missed the worms! However almost the same thing happened last year with another child. I wonder if we should start treating for woms before we operate on these kids?

    thank you for all your help!! It would have been next to impossible without you!
    God bles and stay in touch

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH TOO!!! I do think it would be a great idea if we atleast screen kids who are having abdominal surgery for worms. I remember Louse in October…she stayed with me for a while after you guys left too! The worms can do a number on kids!

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