Posted by: jumps | April 19, 2009

It’s been a while…

We apoligize for not posting in a while (ok, it’s been over a month).  We have been at the bay, and things have been pretty much “normal.”  The construction on the Rogers’ and Michelet’s house has begun on higher ground.  We have had the construction guys staying with us for the past couple weeks in hopes that the houses can be finished before hurricane season (June 1).  You can check out the Rogers’ blog for more updates on construction. 

Easter was interesting.  We decided to dye eggs with Michelet’s kids/brother.  When we brought them in our house the mood turned very solemn…I think they thought we were crazy.  While they were dying their eggs we told them about the egg hunt afterwards and their moods quickly lifted!  Danielle and I (Becca) stayed with the kids inside while Matt and Curtis hid their eggs and they kept trying to escape.  They kept telling us they needed to go outside to use the restroom…good try!  Here are a couple of pictures.



Matt and I are currently in St. Louis for the next couple weeks to help out with the surgery team/construction guys.



  1. thanks for posting the pics of the kids dyeing eggs – I love to see the kids in the house as guests doing something fun and learning something new.

    you guys are great! will you go back to the bay before heading to the states? How is Andre???

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