Posted by: jumps | March 14, 2009

Big Catch

Yesterday started with some excitement here at The Bay.  Michlet came over and told us to go up on the roof to look at the big fish that some guys caught that morning.  We saw two guys struggling to carry just a section of the “fish” from the beach to town.  We quickly grabbed a camera and headed to town.  As we walked into town people were waving and pointing us to the fish.  This is what we found at the first location:
We were thinking shark

We were thinking shark


We barely had to ask where the rest of it was, people were telling us to head a few houses over to check it out.  The next section we found was way beyond recognition, they were chopping up the meat and with a machete and handing it out.

Good day at the office

Good day at the office


Next we headed down to the beach, still not knowing what kind of animal we were looking at.  We had gathered though, that they didn’t actually catch it (we couldn’t imagine how they could with the boats and equipment they use) but had just found it struggling in the rocks in the bay.  Here’s what we found at the edge of the beach.

Shark, whale, dolphin?

Shark, whale, dolphin?


Finally we headed down to the water to see the final piece of the puzzle, the head.

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?


All this to say, we really don’t know what we were looking at here.  We’re thinking it’s either a baby whale or a shark, but we’re no marine biologists.  Any ideas/opinions?



  1. It’s definitely a mammal of some sort. I searched around a bit and it looks closest to the Pygmy Sperm Whale, ( but it’s kinda hard to tell without the dorsal fin and a better picture of the head. did it have an upper row of teeth?

  2. All I can say is don’t go in that water and be very careful on the beach if things like that are coming out. Try to only go in a boat if you have to. Love, Mom

  3. The first comment left by Bubba is correct, its a Pygmy Sperm Whale. If you look at the tale there is a lighter colouring on the top, this is actually the underside which means the tail sits horizontal in the water (whale) and not vertical (shark/fish).

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