Posted by: jumps | March 8, 2009


Friday was a pretty rough day. Michlet came to tell Becca and I that a boy we’d seen a few days before was about to die. We walked into town and up to his house to find a group of guys playing dominos under a USAID tarp that formed their front porch awning. Wilben had already passed away inside. Becca prayed with his mom while she sobbed. The boy’s father had brought him to our house Saturday and Becca, realizing he had severe Kwash, told him he had to get him to a hospital immediately. Apparently, for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. Please pray for the family.



  1. It breaks my heart to hear of the losses of such young children and especially the reason for their deaths. There just has to be a better way. I hate that you and Becca have to experience such sadness but I am glad that you can pray with the mother. Love, Mom

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